For patio you can choose some piece of your territory: near the water, away from buildings, next to the barbecue area or at the exit from the premises. Usually choice is depend of the set of objectives that will serve patio. However, there are other points that must be considered. So, think about how well the building will be highlighted on the selected location, whether it protects visitors from wind, rain and heat. If your family wants to relax, read, play games or to chat, perfect place with be the garden, or another part, which is planted with trees and shrubs. That is, you need to choose shady place.

You necessary need to pay attention to the design of the patio. It will be attractive with the bridges over small ponds and with gazebos, with garden paths and decorative lighting. Only by using such parts patio harmoniously will fit into the existing composition and will become its decoration. By the way, if you want to decorate this space with flowers, plants, garden sculptures, fountains, you need to take care about the lighting there. If this is the open area, large terrace, than you don’t need a lot of light, and, on the contrary, will be better to create an intimate area, only with a few lights on the court, not too large but quite powerful. Sometimes to patio lights you can add street lamps in the form of the floor lights, wall lamps. For example, your terrace has a backlight of the balcony, but there are also several additional lamps, which can always be put out, if more light you don’t require. Despite these lights, decor remains minimalistic. Another excellent example of courtyard patio is patio with built outdoor lamps, which are used to create intimate atmosphere. They are complemented with stronger street led lamps that provide enough light for the whole yard and the dining area.

Patio or backyard is not a luxury, and the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful time or spend time with your friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Thus the device and construction of such cozy place would cost it is not expensive. And it’s worth it.