Acura MDX is an American brand from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. The car is produced in Canada and is very popular in North America. The comfortable crossover is intended for the wealthy audience, appreciating the dynamics of design style and riding characteristics.

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The exterior

Outwardly, Acura MDX looks solid and elegant. The car represents the combination of Jeep vertical lines and minivan horizontals. Sport and laconic body is made of light metal (aluminum and magnesium). The use of the light metal, combined with the forms of new design style allowed to improve the technical data by 17 %, compared to the previous versions of MDX.

A lot of elements are made of metal. Particularly, there are adjustments on the fog lights, reversing lights and reflectors. They set off the chrome railings on the roof. The original massive radiator grill with multisectional LED head-lights looks solid.

The color score includes crystal black, pearl white, blue obsidian, dark cherry, forest haze and glossy graphite (the shades of grey). The car can be provided with some additional accessories: side moldings, side sills, splashing plates on the wheels, side bottom protection, rear bumper guard, spoilers and chrome back door plate.

Acura MDX 2015

Acura MDX 2015

The interior

The spacious high-ceilinged seven-seater compartment is equipped with the electric hatch. The compartment is made of real leather, cloth, and plastic with the elements of metal and natural wood. The options of interior design are white, black and dark grey. All the components of the compartment are thought-out and refined.

The instrument board is equipped with a protecting hood, which prevents the flecks of sunlight. The central console is equipped with two large screens. The lower touch screen is intended for the input of parameters, while the upper screen is meant for the output information about the current condition. The central console isn’t overloaded with a great number of elements, a part of which is removed to the driver’s door and steering wheel. It makes driving quite easy.

The car is provided with the cruise control, climate control and onboard computer. The elbow-rests with practical containers for the storage of things, head-rests, seat and wheel heating are intended for the comfort of passengers. The multimedia includes CD-changer, DVD player, screen and seven dynamic loudspeakers, uniformly distributed all over the compartment. There are also separate audio and video slots for the comfort of the rear passengers.