The simplest, and hence reliable and inexpensive equipment to provide drinking regime is drinking fountains, or, as they say, the fountains for water drinking. Such equipment is widely used in offices, manufacturing plants, in hospitals and schools. The hot shops of industrial enterprises cannot do without drinking fountains. Some models of drinking fountains have the function of potable water aeration. This significantly extends the range of its possible use. Using a good, efficient filtration system (similar to soda water machines) can have high-quality drinking water.

The main advantage is the system of purification. Drinking water fountain can pass water through a 2 or 4-stage filtration. The first two stages purified it from mechanical impurities, bacteria, manganese, iron, petroleum products, pesticides and so on. The third step allows you to make the water softer, it removes hardness salts. Fourth stage cope with finer particles, water filtered in this way becomes clear by 99.9%. Selecting the number of filters depends on the quality of the feed water.

The construction of fountains is also their advantage. Usually they are below human growth, allowing to practise proper hygiene. There are special models for schools and kindergartens, the height of these fountains is suitable for children use.

Fountains efficiency is evident. Providing large organization with bottled water is a complicated task. Given the daily expenses, it will be unprofitable, and drinking fountains work with tap water, they need only a replacement of the filters. Cash outflow for providing large companies with clean water is significantly reduced.

Another plus is the ease of use fountains. Everyone will be able to drink as much water as he needs. And it did not take long, and at the height of the working day, every second counts. Most of today’s universities, schools and large businesses have long shown drinking fountains in the hallways. Continuous supply of clean water provides a great capacity for work, especially on a hot day.

Depending on the point of use, you can choose the height of the fountain, and the degree of water purification based on the raw water quality and your preferences. Drinking fountains are often delivered completely ready for connection and operation. You are free to install and connect the drinking fountain or order professional installation by experts.