Baby Jogger City Select is a multifunctional walking stroller, which can be completed with additional seat, cradle or auto seat. The combinations can be different! The stroller is intended for the children from 6 months to 3 years.

Developing the brand-new modern stroller, the engineers and designers of world-famous American stroller company Baby Jogger tried to take into account all the parents’ wishes and realize the idea of creation the most universal and multifunctional children’s means of transportation in the world! As a result of two-year painstaking labor, the model Baby Jogger City Select came into the world!

The unique modular system allows creating an unprecedented quantity of combinations, turning the walking stroller Baby Jogger City Select into the double walking (for the coevals), sleeping, combine it with auto cradles, etc. If your baby is already rolling in this stroller, and you are pregnant again, there’s nothing easier than to buy the necessary accessories in addition to your Baby Jogger City Select!

You’ll never have a problem with the purchase of new stroller! The main thing is that, even turning into в Baby Jogger City Select Double, the stroller keeps its unique patented folding system Quick Fold!

The seat can be attached on two levels: in the direction of moving or faced to the mum. The slope of the back is adjustable (together with the sideboard) to the horizontal position. It is very simple and easy to fold a stroller due to the patented system Quick-Fold Technology.

The pleasant peculiarities of Baby Jogger City Select:

  • It is very easily folded.
  • The seat is placed faced to the mother or vice versa.
  • The seat can be mounted at any height.
  • The big shopping basket is completed.
  • The handbrake and foot brake are very comfortable and safe.
  • The front wheels are turning and fixative.
  • The landing gear can be equipped with an additional seat, cradle or auto seats in different combinations (they aren’t completed).
  • The possibility of using from 0 with 2 optional cradles for babies Baby Jogger, installed in 2 positions.
  • The big cape with windows.
  • The back is dropped horizontally, the sideboard is adjustable.
  • The five-point seat belts with soft plates.
  • The handle is adjustable for height.

The revolutionary new modular installation system turns the stroller Baby Jogger City Select into the most multifunctional stroller in the world!