The indoor water features are gradually coming into our houses. They help to create a luxurious and unusual interior where you feel like at the waterfall in the wood. It’s not a secret that the sound of dropping water promotes the practice of meditation and increases its effect. Some specialized companies offer a lot of unusual variants: table streams, rock panels used for the decoration of halls or lobby of establishments.

This kind of decoration is called aquadesign. There is also a phytodesign, implying the use of plants in the interior decoration. As a rule, the available aquadesign is completed with the suitable plants or trees. The fountains out of artificial stone create an excellent imitation of the natural environment indoors.
The waterfalls are completed with the special devices, such as above-water and underwater lighting, giving the ensemble some mysterious look. This effect can be also achieved with the help of installed compressors, diffusers, hazes and neon.

Everybody knows that the water increases the air humidity indoors, which is useful for the human body. The lungs and other respiratory organ require the moisture-laden air. Unfortunately, lately we can observe the increase of asthma and chronic bronchitis. It can be explained by the fact that we almost always sit at the air-conditioner, ventilator, heating radiators and other devices, drying our skin and lungs. And the small stream, as a little part of nature, will bring you comfort and sense of relaxation. Even the wise men think that only the unity with nature can make the person happy.

The artificial stone, used for the creation of water features, has the following properties:

  • Lightness and mobility: the whole collection of waterfalls can be easily moved to any place. Even woman can easily install this device at home or in the apartment;
  • It is absolutely safe both for the human and for the indoor plants and domestic animals;
  • All the color shades imitate the natural rocks. They experts reproduce the authentic colors in their creation, which makes the artificial stone close to the natural;
  • Light- and water-resistance: all the available models can be in the water medium, and be exposed to the sunlight of any intensity;
  • Reliability and firmness.