The sports car Acura NSX has received a lot of good send-offs from the experts and customers. It is called the best car in the world in its controllability. Acura NSX amazingly combines the high technical data and the stylistic exquisitness.

The model NSX was produced in 1990. The firm intended to produce the car entirely of light metal. As a result of these efforts, the bare weight of the car didn’t exceed 1370 kg. The car doesn’t seem so light. But, when it is considered that NSX is stuffed with a lot of technical novelties, its’ weight is quite small.

The creation of the model Acura NSX has become a way of self-expression of the company Honda, as the new lineup flagman realized the most modern solutions- both in concept and in technology. The car is equipped with the high-power V-engines, 4 cylinder valves and aluminum body, which is a peculiarity of exclusively “pure-bred” models. The company produces only 25 models of “Acura” a day. The passenger compartment of “Acura” has so-called “Double Suround” complete equipment, providing enough space both for the driver and for the passenger. The familiarity of Honda designers with the visibility and ergonomics of the flight compartment of the American jet fighter F-16 Fighting Falcon had a great influence on the creation of car interior. The unusual abundance of bent glasses in the sports car Acura NSX provides great driver’s visibility. One can only admire the design of Acura NSX, created 11 years ago: aerodynamically pure forms of the body smoothly and gracefully flow from the front bumper to the rear spoiler. The RTU system serves for the keeping of sustainability at great speed. And the high-friction self-locking differential serves the same purpose at the time of head wind and variable road conditions.
The NSX-T model differs with its removable roof parts, allowing the owner of this coupe to feel like in the open cabriolet. The rear power units turn on the highly accelerated 3.0 V-engine “sixes” with the capacity of 293 horsepower.

In contrast to the other models of the same class, Acura NSX/ NSX-T don’t make its owner double up to squeeze to the seat and the wheel. The models look really civilized. The level of comfort, the ergonomic characteristics and the ride quality testify that Acura NSX belongs to the luxe-class cars.