The culinary device “grill smoker” is a “tasty rest” after a hard work in the summer cottage. It will make you look differently at the pleasant tradition “to gather for cooking kebabs”.

Grill smoker is a universal device for meat and fish products and vegetables. In its construction, the grill smoker combines barbeque, grill and a smoking shed for cold and hot smoking- practically 4 in 1. It looks like a modernized classic barbeque.

How is the grill smoker made up?

The grill smoker consists of the following components:

  1. Plate- it’s a metal frame, to which all the components (chambers) are fastened. Depending on the variant of assemblage, it can be equipped with the running gear for comfortable moving (it includes the roller posts or 2 posts and 2 metal or air-operated wheels).
  2. Furnace (the chamber for coal, fire-wood and sawdust) is a bottom chamber. It is equipped with the removable fire-bars, the lid with heat-insulated handle and air damper, adjusting the rate of fuel combustion.
  3. Horizontal chamber in the form of barrel is a working area of barbeque, grill and hot smoking. It is equipped with the lid, opening the crank chamber along the full length. It also has the grills: inner and outer (attached to the side of body).
  4. Vertical chamber is a rectangular case, intended for the cold smoking. It is completed with the latticed shelves, meant for the placement/hanging of fish trunk and bird’s carcass.
  5. Smoke flue is a pipe 40 cm in diameter, attached to the vertical chamber.
  6. Temperature sensors. They are located in the cooking chambers (horizontal and vertical).

All the components of smoker are made of 3 mm high-quality thermostable steel (the burning-out protection lasts 8-10 years). The total weight of unit is 80-140 kg.

The mode of functioning

The chambers are connected like in the stove: the flows of hot air and smoke go through all the components and then arrive to the smoke flue. You must put coal or fire-wood to the furnace. On average, one laying of fuel is sufficient for 2-3 hours of food heat treatment. Then you should adjust the temperature according to the chosen cooking mode (smoking, backing or frying).

The kinds of models

  1. King (“Profi”, “Maxi”) – complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers with lids, mini-tables, attached to the compartments, the shelf for fire-wood at the bottom of the frame and the rack-mounted wheels.
  2. Queen (“Standard”) – the “reduced” complete equipment: 2 cooking chambers of smaller size, and the lid (only in the horizontal compartment).
  3. Prince (“Mini”) – a simplified model of smoker. It has no vertical compartment for cold smoking.