If you have some questions about the building and design of interior, or if you want to talk on design, if you yourself are the interior designer or decorator wishing to progress in your profession, then the articles, magazines and forums about the building and design are the best places where to find the necessary information.

Let’s see what profit you can make on it.

The resources about building and design can help you to avoid mistakes, if you’re designing the new look of your apartment or house on your own.

The cost of mistake in the preparation of repair is very high. Of course, it depends on your repair budget. For some people it’s tens of thousands, and for the others- millions (when it comes to the big apartment or country house). The mistake in 10 cm by the relocation of the wall or the order of the kitchen- and the repair can drag on a few more months, and the additional charges amount the above-mentioned sums. And the mistakes in the color score or ergonomics will also have bad consequences- it will be rather uncomfortable to live in your carefully designed apartment.

You can avoid many of these mistakes by comparing your plans with the professionals.

What is the main problem by the search of interior designer? When you look for the designers, you deal with a lot of strangers and an unfamiliar sphere. How to understand that this particular designer is a professional? How can you be sure that his portfolio is real? How can you know that he’ll understand all of your desires and realize the design you want? Here you’ll be able to find answers to all these questions.

In the online resources you’ll find a lot of pictures with the design of almost every objects- apartments and houses, dwelling und uninhabited houses in any possible styles. Look and get inspired.

The main parts of the online building and design magazines are: interior design and décor, detailed master-classes on building and repair, interesting ideas and tips for the choice of materials, instruments, etc.

Such websites are devoted to everything that can be made with your own hands and to all people who can do it or want to learn it. Building, repair, interior design, handmade- the authors share their master-classes with you. The also give you advises how to make your life more comfortable, cozy and beautiful. Share your ideas, ask the professionals for advice and tell what you can do with your own hands.