In our time, it is not difficult to arrange a cozy recreation area of any style in your country-house. Large furniture stores offer the garden outdoor dining sets of different styles, prices and manufacturing materials. There is a broad assortment for all tastes.

The outdoor dining furniture

The owners of big cottage plots often build a real outdoor kitchen. They provide it with a grill, brazier and even stove. The equipment or an outdoor kitchen usually include: open mounted cabinets and tables with worktop.

What is the outdoor dining furniture made of?

It’s possible to create a cozy nook in the country even at a low cost. The most various materials are used for the manufacture of such furniture- from cheap and reasonable to elite.

The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan is a very popular option. This material doesn’t require special care, as its analogs of the natural rod, but it looks quite decent. The outdoor furniture of artificial rattan fits the country or Provence style.

The outdoor illuminated furniture is yet uncommon on our garden-plots, but it will look quite harmonious. Not only the chairs but also arm-chairs and tables with illumination became a reality. The outdoor illuminated furniture allows you to match different shades and make your corner for rest original.

The wooden outdoor dining set is one of the quite expensive options. It includes the forged benches with cushions, arm-chairs, chairs and even chaise-longue. There are wooden dining sets designed in modern style, beautiful arm-chairs and tables of artificially aged design in Provence style, and luxurious tables and long benches in rustic style. Usually this furniture is very heavy. You’ll have to mount it in the beginning of the season, and with the arrival of autumn they must be removed to a dry place.

The wicker outdoor furniture is the most exquisite and expensive variant. The masters make the most fanciful arm-chairs, chairs, tea tables and complete dining tables out of wicker rod.

If you want to get exclusive furniture without wasting too much money, you should set out in search of the wooden pallets. The outdoor furniture of pallet has long ago become a real trend in many European countries. The procurement isn’t very expensive, and the paints and skillful hands can make such furniture a real work of art.