The summer rest is impossible without gatherings of friends for a delicious meal, somewhere in the country (on a lake, in the wood), in the cottage or on the terrace of the country-house. In all these cases, you’ll need a special device for preparing tasty meat, fish and poultry dishes. So, you’ll need a barbecue.

The brazier (or barbecue) for country picnic (without going to the cottage) must be light, comfortable for transportation, and don’t take too much space in the trunk of the car. In general, picnic barbecue must be easy-to-use.

The hibachi grill (or, as they say now, “mobile grill”) is arranged simply. It has a coal container (with the ash box) at the bottom, and a grill for preparing dishes from the top. As a rule, the hibachi grill is equipped with legs. There are also models with wheels. The barbecues with legs are usually folding. When folded, they represent small suitcase, fully ready and comfortable for transportation. The barbecue can be with or without lid (it is desirable to buy the models with the lid, as they open up ampler opportunities). The hibachi grills are mostly made of stainless steel, colored with heat-resistant paint. However, there are also cast-iron hibachi grills, which are some better in respect of their operating characteristics. First of all, cast-iron cools longer. But don’t wait for some records in heat conservation, as the difference makes not hours, but a few tens of minutes as compared to the steel. Another advantage of cast-iron is that it keeps more or less normal appearance a little longer (as even heat-resistant paint will fall off the enamel barbecue, stainless steel will tarnish, but dark cast-iron will stay put). But the cast-iron also has some disadvantages. For example, it is rather breakable.

Besides, it isn’t resistant to the temperature difference. So, if you spill some cold water on the cast-iron hibachi grill, it can crack.
The “picnic” barbecues usually have round shape. They mostly resemble a deep frying-pan or even small barrel. However, the grills can have different forms, as the simplicity of equipment (the products are heated only from the bottom) allows it. The hibachi grills are usually small-sized. There are also larger models, but make sure that they are comfortable for transportation. The larger hibachi grills are better option for those who don’t have a stationary roaster in the country.