The garden-plot is more than just huge vegetable garden with cucumber, tomatoes and other “utilities”, but an excellent place of rest, decorated with different plants and elements. You can either charge the professionals with the landscape design of your country-house, or make it with your own hands, gaining an instructing experience and lightening your mood.

A great way to decorate your plot is to build a retaining wall in the garden with your own hands. This element can be made in different variations. Let’s discuss this question in detail.

The retaining wall has both decorative and practical purpose, as it helps to set off the elevation changes or slopes on the country-house- or garden-plot.
If the landscape of the garden-plot is perfectly smooth, the retaining walls will break an uninteresting horizontal. Using terracing, you can divide the plot into the functional zones; for example, fence off the house with mini-wall.

There are several kinds of retaining walls. They are classified according to the materials used for the building of this construction. Using of this or that material depends on the chosen style of the garden and, of course, your personal preferences.

Wooden retaining walls

The decorative wooden retaining wall is considered the most difficult to build, but at the same time the cheapest option. To make it, you need to take qualitative flat timber- hewn logs. The easiest way of building is the vertical installation of logs, fitted together closely.

Optimal option is the logs of 15-18 cm across diameter. The height of logs depends on the desired final result. You should also take into account that that logs must be dug into the ground by 50-60 cm for steadiness. To prevent the wood rot, you must smear the part of wood, dug into the ground, with warmed-up bitumen or engine oil.

More complicated option is the “little fence”. At that, the vertical logs are installed at certain intervals. There you should make the special holes and fasten the logs with smaller diameter close to each other.

The building of retaining wall is a laborious task, as it must look beautiful, be very firm and steady. But the retaining wall, made subject to the technology, will decorate your garden for decades.