You must admit that it’s so difficult to be a careful mother! In the first months of baby’s life the mother has to run about the house day and night to provide proper care for her child- change diapers, wash, care for its navel, ears and eyes, and more than once a day. In these hard days, the new mum can find such device as changing table very useful. It can undertake the care of mum’s back and order her actions on the child’s care.

In which case the new mum can’t do without changing table? The answer is unambiguous- if she has the back problems, the changing table is required. The secondary advantages, turning the scale to the purchase of this device, are its operability and functionality.

The kinds of changing tables

To begin with, the changing tables can be mobile and stationary. The first kind includes folding and hanging changing table, and also a changing board, and the second group- the table-bookshelves. So, let’s find out what is what.

Choosing the changing table, you should take into account only two factors. Answer the following questions:

1. Which functions do you want to changing table to perform?

2. Where it will be located?

Let’s begin with the folding table. As a rule, it consists of the metal legs (folding as scissors) and metal table top with sides. It is a good mobile option, which can be folded and moved to another place at any time. You can also take it with you to the summer residence or on a visit.
Such models handle their task perfectly: the mother uses changing table for child’s care, and store everything necessary for hygienic treatment on one or two shelves, located under the table top. The folding tables can also have built-in bathtub under the removable table top.
The disadvantages of such models are: insufficient space for the storage of child’s accessories; the sensitivity of folding legs to the floor surface imperfections (the folding table will be unsteady on the uneven floor).

Another matter is the stationary changing table-bookshelf. It is similar to the previous option, but the four legs of this model keep steady on the floor. Sometimes they are even equipped with wheels and holder. In other respects, the both models are similar- the same table top on the top and the same drawers with shelves from the bottom.

The changing table will help you to make the child’s care as less troublesome as possible.