Very few dishes can compete with the grilled meat in their tastiness. But you can’t go for an outing on any day and in any season. Fortunately, it’s not a reason to refuse a barbecue. There is a good alternative to the fire- an indoor electric grill. In this article we’ll tell you how to use electric grill, what kinds of electric grills are there, and what are their advantages.

What is the electric grill?

In most cases, electric grill is a multifunctional device, heat-treating food with the help of infrared heating. A heat from heating element goes directly to the surface with prepared products, which provides minimal heat waste. With the help of electric grill, you can fry and bake food. Perhaps, the electric grill doesn’t provide such a wide choice of cooking methods, as the aerogrill (where, apart from baking and frying, you can also boil and smoke), but it costs much less. And its functionality is quite enough for the most of housewives. The intensity of electric grill temperature is adjustable, which allows cooking the dishes for all tastes and frying the products to the required degree.

What kinds of electric grills are there?

For the house, you can choose the portable, stationary or built-in electric grill. The stationary grill takes too much space, so it fits better for the public catering establishments and the cottage. According to the next classification, there are contact and non-contact electric grills. The contact grills work on principle of shashlik roaster, turning the products around the heating element. As for the contact ones, the products touch the surface, located above the heating element. In their turn, the contact grills are divided into the following groups:

  1. One-sided electric grill. It can be either the plainest device with the food grill, or the more universal one with teflon or even stone coating.
  2. Two-sided electric grill. It resembles sandwich maker (the dish is clamped with presses, and, accordingly, prepared from both sides at a time).
  3. Combined grill. It’s the most expensive option, which gives ampler opportunities, combining the functions of one-sided and two-sided grills. In the most cases, it is the electric grills with removable panels, where you can bake meat, grill waffles and cook omelet.