The lamp shade is the panel made of glass, paper, cloth or china. It is intended for the protection of the eyes from the dazzle lighting. The lamp shade is the integral part of lighting fittings. It serves as the lamp decoration and plays an important role in architectural appearance of the apartment. The assortment of lamp shades is very huge. They differ in their purpose, construction, form, size and manufacturing material. The lamp shades also vary in their impact on the light flux: they can reflect light in determinate direction; transmit it completely or partially, or give it this or that coloring.

The glass lamp shades or caps are produced in broad and various assortments of forms and sizes, ways of glass processing and finishing. The most common lamp shades are made of transparent, opal, colored one- or two-layer and frosted glass. They can be plain, with the diamond face of different pictures, treated with pickling or painted with transparent paints. The forms of glass lamp shades for table and suspended lamps can be different. The most widespread forms are: open shades, plafonds and closed (globe, cone, cylinder, cube and truncated cone). The most common sizes of glass lamp shades (in mm) are: height- 75-270, the diameter at the top- 40-350, the diameter at the bottom- 80-350.

Glass lamp shade is the original device, used for the decoration of table lamps, sconces and other stained-glass lightings. The glass lamp shade can turn the plainest household item into the elegant decoration.

In addition, the glass lamp shades are very easy to clean. If you want to remove dust from the shade, wipe it with the dry napkin, wetted with antistatic. If the glass lamp shade is very dirty, take it off and wash it with warm water using any detergent. Then rinse it with warm water and let it dry or wipe it dry with waffle towel. The agent for window cleaning with the addition of spirit of ammonia will clear your lamp glass shade from stains and add it luster.

The cost of lamp glass shades for floor lamps. The final cost of lamp glass shades is determined by the totality of many factors, such as: the size of decorative element; the used stained glass technique; the complexity of work; the detailing of picture; the combination of stained glass technics; the delivery.