When the child comes into the world, its parents busy themselves with the furnishing of its room, trying to assure maximal comfort for their baby. They usually buy bed, clothes, toys, and don’t forget about the pram. However, they rarely buy the changing table, as they don’t consider it the article of prime necessity.

But it’s wrong: the changing table for newborns is comfortable and useful thing. Certainly, you can use any horizontal surface for this purpose to swaddle the child, but you won’t have all the necessary things (nappies, powders, diapers) at hand, so you’ll always be distracted by their search. As you’ll have to swaddle your baby every day, it is better if everything necessary is near at hand. So, if you have special furniture, intended for changing swaddling, you’ll be able to find everything required easily. The changing table has special drawers and compartment, used for the storage of child care articles. It will help you to save time and not to leave you child unsupervised.

What kinds of changing tables are there?

The plainest changing tables represent a cross between bookshelf and table. There are many shelves, trays and compartments under the table top, where you can store clothes, cosmetics and other useful things.

The table is usually made of wood or metal, and the table top can be wooden or plastic. Some changing tables have wheels, which you can use to move them about the room. The hanging changing tables, attached to the wall, fit for small apartments. They can be turned if necessary. You can use the bags, hanged up on the special hooks, to put some useful stuff. Such tables are usually made of metal and cloth. They take little space in the room and provide the comfort of swaddling. The changing table with in-built bathtub is usually located in the bathroom. The legs or wheels with locking devices are non-skid and moisture-proof. You can locate such table even in the small bathroom: the table top is unfolded, and the bathtub is situated under it. Some tables with the bathtubs can be placed not only in the bathroom: using drainage tube, you can pour the water out of the bathtub into any container and bring it to the bath.

Choosing the changing table, pay attention to its ecological security- no pungent smell, no defects. The table must be comfortable in height, non-skid and don’t get soiled.