The concept of contemporaneity is very relative, as modern design styles alternate each other so fast, that some of them definitely becomes classic. So, is it still possible to call it contemporary? Not to get confused with the definitions, one should unite all the trends in one fresh vision, which helps to distinguish the modern interior at first glance.

The modern town-dweller wants to be surrounded by comfortable and calm atmosphere, without anything unnecessary. Everything in the modern apartment must have its clear destination.

The interior design of modern apartments

The color score of modern apartments deserves special attention. There are some certain styles, such as glamour and pop-art, which accept screaming acid shades and the abundance of glitter and gloss. But speaking in general, you’ll hardly find anything bright or screaming in the contemporary style. It is characterized by somewhat boring but comfortable for perception colors: grey, brown, white, green and black. You can dilute one of the basic quiet shades with a few bright accents, but there must not be too many of them.

It is also necessary to observe moderation in the wall finishing. If you want to have a bright coupon, textured wall, a huge picture out of photo wallpaper, choose one of these elements. Don’t overload the wall with unnecessary details. After all, they bear a heavy load, as people often use wall shelves, consoles, racks and mounts to clear the things up from the floor. The wall shelves allow keeping the floor maximally free. Such elements as curtains also suffer considerable changes. Earlier you could see the modern classic- brown curtains with eyelets almost in any room. But the modern kitchen, bedroom and living room interior design is characterized by the use of laconic roller blinds. It is caused by their comfort, the ease of use and care.

Both city apartments and modern house design, developed in the modern style, must include eco-features. It can be the use of eco-materials in the finishing, the elements of nature, such as the installations with green plants and the paving of bathroom floor with shingle. In fact, observing these nuances, we make our life a bit healthier and brighter.