Making home repairs, we try to please every member of the family. The design of kid’s room must match the children’s tastes, the kitchen decoration has to meet the housewife’s wishes, and the bedroom is made according to the tastes of its dwellers. But there is a place in the house, where the whole family, relatives and guests get together. It is a living-room. The question arises- how to make this place comfortable for all?

First of all, the living-room must be quite comfortable and spacious. Therefore, it’s unadvisable to encumber it with furniture. It’s up to you to decide, whether to cover the walls with paper hangings or paint them. Meanwhile, we’ll tell you about the meaning of wall coloring in the living-room.

White color

This color symbolizes purity and innocence. But in some people it can cause a headache, and the abundance of white can even blind. However, due to its reflectivity, white can visually expand the space. This color fits romantic and Scandinavian interior style perfectly.

Yellow color

This color is merry, optimistic and vivifying. As well as the white one, it has good reflectivity. Yellow fits the rooms, located on the North side. There, yellow will act as the lighter, adding the warm climate to the room.

Red color

Red stimulates and stirs, increases physical activity, inspires and raises the spirits. It’s the color of fire. Red improves appetite and elevates blood pressure. But its abundance can provoke aggression or anger. Red can visually reduce the space. It matches with the design in Oriental style.

Green color

Green relaxes helps to concentrate attention and create a prefect atmosphere for rest. The interior acquires freshness and elegance, especially in combination with blue, grey and violet shades.

Blue color

Blue calms and inspires. It can visually expand the space. It is the perfect choice both for the bedroom and for the living-room.

Brown color

The walls of the living-room, painted brown, add the effect of refinement and elegance to the interior. You can enliven and complete the composition with blue, orange and red shades.

It is unadvisable to paint the walls of the house black, as this color is too strong and depressing.