The minimalist design is the symbol of the modern house. This style was created in the middle of the last century, but it remains actual and exclusive.

The minimalist style is characterized by small amount of furniture (besides, it’s rather low). It has the form of regular geometric figures, such as cube, sphere, and rectangle.

The design is characterized by pure lines. There’s nothing unnecessary in the interior. It brings peace after a daily stress. According to the experienced designers, minimalism is the favorite style of creative personalities and philosophers.

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The minimalist design can be realized in any modern apartment. In this article we’ll discuss an interesting layout in the modern minimalistic style.

The common feature of all rooms is the absence of large cabinets. They were replaced by the elegant wall shelves. They have a light design and create the feeling of airiness. Developed with several elements, they have not only practical, but also decorative function. The cabinets are mounted asymmetrically in width and height of space. The furniture of living-room in minimalistic design is modern and functional.


The bedroom in minimalist design is performed in pastel colors in combination with grey and brown. The bright and original accent of the room is the wall at the bed-side and the curtains with the same pattern. The window plays an important role in the house with minimalist design. Usually, this style is characterized by the huge floor to ceiling window. The view from the window gets into the room and represents the part of interior. Light is an important element of minimalist design. The lamps in geometric forms complete the design of the room.


The study is characterized by the presence of wall shelves. Some of them have door, the others remain open. Of late, the bright accents are used in minimalist design. They are restricted and usually express the pleasant memories and emotions of the house owners. Many of them represent the matching accessories of regular geometric shape.

As well as the bedroom, this room has a huge window, which makes it good lighted. The study is completed with white sofa and modern glass coffee table, which is almost invisible. Another characteristic of this room is the presence of modern technology. In general, this room culminates the style expression of this apartment.