The kitchen space must be well-organized and practical, comfortable and functional. Several years ago you could see bulky massive cabinets in every kitchen. But now they are replaced by light, semitransparent, almost weightless constructions, such as: island modular units, open racks, narrow bookshelves, etc. The elements of furniture are created and selected, so that you could install them at your own choosing, and interchange their position in need. In such kitchen all necessary tools and dishes will be always at hand, which will make cooking quicker and easier.

The peculiarity of the outdoor furniture is the outdoor kitchen cabinet, which is not hanged on the wall, but placed on the tabletop. Due to the open top of the room, the space enlarges visually, and the kitchen gets maximum light and warmth.

The corner kitchen set can also be open. In this case, they don’t weight the space. Such kitchen sets can be bought ready-made or ordered (if the apartment is off-dimension).

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are and will be an integral part of the kitchen furniture. They propose simple, but effective solution of the storage of kitchenware. At that, outdoor kitchen cabinets are as stylish element of interior as the other parts of the room.

In recent month, the trend of the open shelving becomes more and more popular. Kitchen designers have decided, that the best way to open the kitchen, is to remove cabinet doors and leaves the shelves open.

Gallery of the modern ideas of outdoor kitchen cabinets