The living room is the room where all the family gets together and receives guests. That’s why the house owners try to place the most beautiful furniture, souvenirs and pictures in this room. It’s also accepted to decorate the windows and doors with the original curtains. Such details form the final stage of interior decoration.

Effective and simple ways of living room decoration

Developing the design of any room, you shouldn’t forget about the elements of animate and inanimate nature. You can buy a few stone vases, intersticed with pieces of glass and metal. The decorative glass and sea stones blend well with the interior and remind of summer holiday.

The rare specimen of plants can play their own role in the living room decoration. The high indoor plant can decorate the interior and change the perception of the floor-to-ceiling height. The plants, hanging from the upper part of the wall, visually diminish the room height, so don’t use them in the low living room.
You can use the unpretentious window plants, pictures and fancy articles to create the cozy atmosphere.

It’s possible to vary the restrained interior design, using the exotic plant with unusual leaves. You should choose one suitable place for it and don’t remove it unnecessarily. Such plants aren’t usually taken outdoors when moving from place to place.

The simplest and the most efficient way to decorate any room are the decorative pillows.

You can either buy them in the shop or sew them with your own hands. But in any case, the color of pillows must match the color of the walls, curtains, pictures and other elements. The colors can either contrast or reflect the prevailing colors of interior. Too quiet atmosphere can be refreshed and varied with the help of bright decorative pillows.

The mirrors fit perfectly for the decoration of living room. You can put the old mirrors in the new contrast frames and hang them on the walls. Such element can add a bit of chaotic character to the general design image. That’s why the decoration of mirrors and their style can be slightly different.
To distract from the bustle of big city, you can buy a false fireplace and decorate it according to your taste with the pieces of gypsum cardboard, remained after the repair. The fireplace will add a certain zest to the general living room interior and create the feeling of warmth and comfort to the night gatherings with friends.