Interior décor is the top of your great efforts on the house renovation. It always attracts the attention of your guests.

Today we’ll tell you some secrets of the beautiful interior décor, efficient in any style and any kind of interior- from the “lux-class” to the “economy class”.
To begin with, let’s specify what the interior décor is. Many people confuse such notions as ” interior décor” and “interior design”. Interior décor represents the final stage of design and includes the choice of accessories, giving the tone to your house.

So, the first rule of interior decor is rhyme. Buying the pictures, cushions, vases, table lamps and accessories, match them with the items of your interior.
The color matching mustn’t be one-to-one. If there accessories don’t belong to the same collection, it’s very difficult to match the colors. The colors of accessories must be almost identical, very similar, but of course they can vary in several shades.

What can you match the accessories to?

  1. If your walls are patterned, the cushions, table lamps, sconces, the carpet in front of your sofa and even furniture (sofa, arm-chair) can be chosen to match one color of the wallpaper pattern.
  2. It is well to rhyme the cushions with the pictures over the sofa. The chosen picture must contain the colors of cushions.
  3. The large accessories (chairs and arm-chairs, table lamps, sconces, pictures) can be rhymed with the curtains and among themselves. Then the interior won’t “break apart” if you buy the new curtains.
  4. The cushions can be rhymed with the curtains, arm-chairs and pouffes.

It’s worth mentioning that the golden accessories almost always require rhyme.
The gold and silver in the interior is a single theme for discussion. But you must know that the golden accessories don’t look well by themselves. As a rule, the mirror with the gilded frame must be completed with a few similar accessories.

Take into account that the colors of golden accessories must agree.
The dark “old” gold of deep color doesn’t match the brilliant, bright and “new” gold of shrill color.
The decorative elements include the most unexpected things, such as indoor plants and bouquet, which we hardly consider the elements of interior décor.
One can talk about the interior décor for hours and hours. But the main thing is its proper combination. If you stick to this rule, you’ll get the well-planned and beautiful interior.