At first sight, the décor of lounge, as the most important room in our house, is a very difficult and responsible task. When you choose the items of decoration, you should take into account the style of the room and observe the proportional balance.

The main thing is the details

In the modern life, full of stress and bustle, our lounge and our home in general, remain probably the only places a person can rule. So, our today’s article is devoted to the articles, turning our home into a cozy home.

The borderland between order and disorder in the house is extremely thin. At the final stage of creating lounge interior decoration, you fill it with the furniture and the things you hold dear or use every day. Exactly at this stage people make the most mistakes.
You must begin the lounge equipment with the placement of furniture. Later on, the proper disposition of furniture will allow you to complete it with the matching decorative elements. After all, the person feels really comfortable only if he/she is surrounded with symmetry.

Now you can start to decorate your lounge.

There are several golden rules of design, turning the arrangement of décor in some kind of art, and allowing achieving maximal artistic effect as fast and smooth as possible.

It is not necessary to overdo the lounge decoration. The presence of two-three items matching the design style of the room is quite enough.
Apart from different statuettes, pictures and vases, you can decorate your lounge with the window curtains. They can soften some roughness of interior, or strengthen the visual perception of the smooth design.

The décor will look especially expressive against a white or black background. To outline and emphasize the significance of décor and its presence in the interior design, you should use shelves or racks with decorative lighting.

You can complete the lounge decoration with beautiful bunches of real flowers.

The first thing we notice entering the room is its color (the color of the walls, ceiling and floor). The details of lounge décor will look well against a light background of the walls, furniture and floor coating. For example, the yellow support and the vases look good against a white sofa and black bedside tables.

The choice of décor can be compared to the art. In addition, it’s a very important part of interior design, together with the rest of its components- repair, the choice of color, style, furniture and lighting.