Every owner of the apartment or country-house wants his home to be the best, comfortable for living and pleasant to the eye. That’s why the ideas of interior design are so necessary at the time of repair: nobody wants to shame oneself and be worse than the neighbors.
After the preliminary preparation of the apartment you can start the redecoration, including: the choice of wallpaper and floor covering; the installation of ceilings and lighting instruments; the purchase of furniture and other items of interior; the decoration of the room with different accessories.

At this stage, the house owner faces the task of choosing specific home design. Let’s review the most popular styles of our time.
Let’s consider a few examples.

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Marine style.

This style appeared not so long ago- in the 19th century. Usually, the travellers used this style for the decoration of their rooms, not to become disaccustomed to the usual ship interiors. It is characterized by special romantic and allows creating the atmosphere of long travels round the world.

The floors in the marine design must be made of wood. It is unnecessary to paint or bleach it. If you already have some other floor coating, you should hide it under the carpet.

The walls must be covered with black clapboard, like the board ship. It’s not necessary to cover the whole wall. It is enough to plank the bottom.

The rules of design creation don’t imply some certain kind of ceilings. However, it is better to use the wood shades for painting. Of course, the best option is to cover the ceiling with the clapboard or some other material in imitation of wood.


The fans of originality will like the contemporary style, combining all trends of the modern designers, not fitting in the limits of hi-tech or minimalism style.

This style meets all the requirements of simplicity, comfort and functionality and encourages the use of new technologies and ideas. So, the design plan of the house interior ends with the choice of this style. It has formed just recently- at the end of the 20th century.
The main features of this style are: ease of planning; compatibility and interchangeability of the furniture; the possibility to complete the available design with the new items of interior.

The clear and adjusted lines look quite elegant and create the atmosphere of 1960s.
The mass character and availability are the other advantages of design. All the lovers of comfort and simplicity will like the contemporary style.