The summer comes, and it’s time to go on leave! We all throw off warm and heavy clothes! Of course, we want the lightness and compactness in everything, including all things and accessories, so that nothing can hinder our movements.

Travelling with small children, we usually meet certain difficulties. How to fit the pile of children’s clothes in a single trunk? Is seems that everything is necessary, but the amount of things we want to take with us is too huge. However, the most essential thing for the baby is the walking stroller, as this is its main means of transportation. After all, the child can’t withstand the heavy loads on the way. He can’t walk for a long time; he’ll want to rest or sleep… Another advantage of the lightweight stroller is that you can put your stuff, hang the packages on its handles so that your hands are free. You won’t have to carry everything. It is much better to roll the carriage…

It’s time to choose the light and compact stroller for your child! Of course, we want it to have everything for the baby’s comfort. But at the same time it must be very compact.

All the lightweight strollers are divided according to the ways of their folding. The classic way is “cane”. Such stroller is compact lengthwise and resembles the cane. Another way is the folding “as a book”, i.e., in two. There are many other complicated folding systems. The manufacturers concoct differently to show the inventiveness of engineer’s mind in different ways of stroller folding.

The most lightweight and compact stroller-canes

Maclaren Globetrotter

The seat of this stroller consists of cloth and net on each side, which helps to achieve the maximal lightness. The horizontal position of the back (up to 150 grades) is available. The model has big waterproof cape. There is a carrying belt on the shoulder. The diameter of wheels- 11.4 cm. The weight- 4.8 kg.

Maclaren Volo

The plainest “cane” from Maclaren. The back is not adjustable; it is made of cloth. The diameter of wheels- 12 cm. There is a carrying belt on the shoulder.


Maclaren Mark 2

The lightest “cane” from Maclaren family. At that, it has a big cape, seat belt, shopping basket, and even amortization on the rear wheels. The back is not adjustable. The diameter of wheels- 11.4 cm. The model has the lightest weight- 5.2 kg.


The modern manufacturers try to satisfy all our wishes. Perhaps soon we’ll see the stroller, which will weigh 1 kg and fit in our pocket. And by this time, there are some strollers, which in folded position are no bigger than rucksack or handbag, weighing a little more than 3 kg.