Bangkok is a city where everybody can find the occupation to his/her own taste. We made a list of the cheapest and the most interesting and the cheapest entertainments in the center of Thailand.

1. Look at the city from the height.

Perhaps, it’s the main thing to do in Bangkok.
You’ll get the incredible emotions from the exciting view from the 58th stage at the center of the city. It will be one of the most wonderful experiences in your life!

2. Visit the free festivals.

You can like Bangkok for its presents. There are different free and unusual exhibitions, art festivals and many other things. The artists from all over the world paint 3D pictures straight in the street. You can also talk to the Living Statues in the subways.
What can you do in Bangkok? Just walk in the center of the city with the largest shops, and you’ll see a lot of interesting things.

3. Visit the free exhibitions.

There are many of them in Bangkok. The walls of almost every large shopping center are hung with the pictures for sale. You don’t need to buy them, but you can just have a look. Why should you look at the pictures, if you’re not fond of art? When you come home, you’ll be able boast your friends that you saw the picture made of adhesive tape. They didn’t, but you did. It’s cool, isn’t it? Besides, it’s always useful to elevate the mind. If you’re a fan of comics or anime, a lot of entertainments wait for you in Bangkok. You’ll see the professionally made miniature copies of Spiderman, Batman, Hulk and other comics’ characters. You can also visit Comic Con, where the Thai dress as their favorite film or comics’ characters.

4. Visit the restaurant of robots.

It is “a must” to visit Hajime robot restaurant. It’s not a common restaurant with usual waiters. Here you’ll be served by the robots. Well, to be honest, the robots will just bring the chosen dishes from one place to the other, but you must admit that it is better than nothing. Besides, where else can you see the waiters-robots, except for Japan?

5. Visit the cat-café.

Perhaps, it’s one of the coziest places of Bangkok. It is an excellent entertainment- to come and play with cats. The things you can do in the café: order food; try to hide it from the cats; stroke the cats; play with the cats; not to torture the cats. You can just sit and admire the cats all day long. You just need to order some food from time to time not to be disturbed.