Halloween is justly considered one of the most ancient holidays of the world, as it springs from the Celtic festival Samhain, counting millenniums, and the Christian holiday called “All Saints’ Day”. It is interesting that this day combines the celebration of evil spirits and the worship of all Saints.

This holiday is characterized by many unusual traditions and rites, taking place on this day, such as children’s and adults’ disguise in the costumes of different, mostly scary characters.

It is related to another legend, which says that on Halloween the barrier between our world and the beyond falls down. The gates open and let in the evil spirits, such as witches, vampires, sorcerers and other “powers of darkness”.

However, these are just the interesting legends, which have developed into entertaining traditions. The parties and celebrations, devoted to this holiday, usually include the competitions for the best Halloween costume. Or, perhaps, you just decided to have a theme party at home and please your children. In any case, you’ll need the costume.

Of course, you can go to the specialized costumier, where you can hire or even buy the costume.

But as everybody knows, it’s very expensive. Besides, you’ll wear this costume only once a year and maybe next year you’ll want to have something new. So, how can you make an interesting and amazing Halloween costume?

To begin with, think thoroughly, what image you want to try on the next All Saints’ Day. There are different variants of costumes, for example, as the Halloween parties are usually devoted to some particular theme, for example, movie, cartoon or scary film characters, etc.
The adults’ participants of the party can put on the costume of the deceased King of Pop, as his image is very bright and interesting. The ladies can be interested in the image of Lady Gaga, as her concert costumes are suitable for such party. Another option is the costume of witch (that can be sweet and even sexual), mummy, vampire or Dracula’s bride.

The costumes of different superheroes, such as Batman and Cat woman also suit well, as they have their own fans. The children’s costumes often reflect their passions. For example, the images of famous wizards’ trio from “Harry Potter” movie are very popular. It’s up to you to choose.