Certainly, the well-groomed garden with fruit plantations, vegetable garden, flower-pots and flower gardens is beautiful. But there are plenty of such gardens, and probably you want to have your own heavenly spot, reflecting your inner world and individuality.

The original garden design will help you to show yourself, fill the garden with hearfulness and warmth and pleasantly surprise the guests with unexpected discovery. Everybody has its own idea of beauty. Nobody knows better than you how the garden of your dream must look like. But the interesting ideas are never out of place. There are more than enough unusually beautiful design solutions for the garden decoration. You can realize them, using modest (or not) means, a fair amount of imagination, good head upon your shoulders, skillful fingers, sense of proportion and taste, some free time and a lot of patience.

Garden mosaics, made of multicolored stones, smalt and ceramic tile

The designers widely use mosaics for the decoration of garden, cottage and country-house plots. It is able to transform and brighten up even the dullest corner. You can use mosaics for paving, original décor of the bottom of the pool or artificial pond, and for the upgrade of flowerpots and flower gardens. The change of colors, forms and textures always attracts attention. Mosaics will decorate your garden-plot even in winter, when the most parts of green décor will be gone. You can use different materials to add the mosaic notes to the garden design: ceramics, pebbles, glass, smalt, metal, wood, sea shells… The unexpected choice of materials and the variety of images allows mosaics to be always bright and unique.

Luminescent and vintage flower-pots

The street and portable garden flowerpots are used for the cultivation of plants with heightened sensibility to the composition and type of the soil. In addition, they represent an excellent decorative element, introducing extravagance, special charm and fascination into the garden environment. The forms and colors of flowerpots must match the general style solution of the garden. It helps to add some aesthetic perfection to the garden, combining all the elements of décor into a single whole.

The illuminated flowerpots have appeared on sale just recently, but they managed to attract a lot of attention. The illuminated flowerpots are the perfect decision for the creation of fairy-tale atmosphere in your garden during the hours of darkness.
Show your imagination, and you’ll become the fortunate possessor of genuine garden exclusive!