Living room is the most important room of the house, where the house owners receive guests and spend their free time in the in the bosom of the family. People usually choose the largest apartment to design the living room, as its space must be multifunctional. Besides, the living room interior design must be comfortable and practical. According to the total floor space of the house or apartment, you can choose the different options of zoning. If your apartment is small, you can increase your living room by means of loggia or balcony, where you can arrange the place for tea-drinking. Besides, the design interior of living rooms in small apartments should be performed in “semi-open” way (i.e., combined with the kitchen).

Nowadays, the number of new apartments with the huge rooms grows significantly. The owners of such spacious apartments can easily realize all of their fantastic ideas in the creation of comfortable living room. The interior design of living room in the apartment is usually divided into the zones (for example, the dining area and the zone of active rest). Here you can place the dining table, home cinema, comfortable arm-chairs and coffee table. All kinds of accessories and supports act as the bright element of decoration.

There are different styles of living room interior- from classic to modern. The choice of room coloring depends on the owner’s taste. You can choose either warm neutral colors or the cold ones. Use the color to divide the room into two parts. For example, use quiet colors to mark the recreation zone at the fireplace or TV set, and the cheerful ones to decorate the dining area. Remember that the color score affects the mood. To plan the design interior with your own hands, you require certain knowledge and sense of taste and style. Not everybody can realize the harmonious layout. That’s why it is advisable to consult the professional designer.

To start the creation of interior, you have to think over everything carefully. You should use the space as efficient and creative as possible. The plan of living room interior design is the “face” of the house and the reflection of the house owner himself/herself, emphasizing his/her individuality. First of all, the living room is the place for rest, so the person must feel comfortable here. The choice of furniture must be based not only on its pleasing appearance, but also on its comfortable use.

We hope that the process of living room interior design will help you to create the atmosphere of coziness in your house.