For years people used the garden-plot only for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. But in the last decade, the attitude to the use of cottage has changed a lot. Now the garden-plots are decorated with the beautiful grass-plots, exquisite pergolas, summer-houses and garden swing.
Today, it is very popular to create patio on the territory of your summer-residence. The comfortable patio will allow you to rest from the world’s bustle and receive guests.

Patio is a small open-air paved courtyard, adjoining the house. Today patio is considered the element of landscape design, allowing arranging the stylistically original and ideally unique rest and relaxation corner.

It is possible to create patio in the summer-residence with your own hands. The main thing is to understand what you need this cottage corner for. The size, materials and expenses can be different (depending on the destination of the patio) – from very small investments to the considerable sums.

Different places- different patios

The patio is usually located directly at the back wall of the house. It is very convenient, if the back wall has a door. In this case, you can bring the ready dishes and tableware in and out very fast and easily. You can also remove the furniture as required.

The cozy nook right at the front door is very comfortable for the lonely summer residents and elderly relatives, living in the summer-residence with you. The beautiful flower compositions delight the eye, and the closeness of the door will allow you to get into the house quickly if necessary.

If there is no possibility to attach the patio to the house wall, you can arrange it in any comfortable place. But you need to protect it from the prying eyes with the help of special stationary wooden or plastic fences. The long-lasting paving, properly chosen furniture and accessories will make your patio the comfortable additional room, where the whole family will spend its free time with great pleasure.

The fence must not be rectangular. The unusual outlines and smooth curves will make the patio the decoration of your cottage. You can also build patio on the specially built ground area right in the center of your garden. You’ll get the charming corner of rest and relaxation.

For the amicable meetings, lasting very long, you can locate the patio in any place of your garden plot. But you have to build a shed. The indispensable condition of comfortable rest in the afternoon and in the evening is the right lighting. It is very comfortable to place the lamps right under the shed.