Unisex is the clothing style which doesn’t express gender and allows combining the elements of men’s and women’s wear.

The choice of clothes for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years has its specificity. This is due to the fact that the child’s way of life (at this age) changes very fast. The child’s constitution also suffers changes. The figure of the children under 3 years is yet disproportionate. For example, the child’s head is obviously bigger than necessary to correspond the length of the body. The belly is slightly protruding, the waist is not yet clear-cut, and the neck is short, as well as the legs and arms. So, the reduced models of men’s and women’s wear won’t fit for the baby. They will look odd on their bodies.

The children under 3 years develop their motor habits actively. It is well known that approximately at one year children start to walk without assistance. At two they run quickly enough. Accordingly, the chosen clothes should be comfortable and not hindering the movements. The preferable choice is the loose-fitting clothes. But you should avoid too wide models. Wearing such clothes, the child can get entangled, fall and be injured.

The clothes for boys and girls from 1 to 3 years, intended for the walks in the fresh air, are unisex. So, the optimal choice for the winter is practical, warm and comfortable romper suit. As for the summer, the best unisex clothes are so-called “sandpipers”. The shorts are also comfortable for the summer walks. By the way, the child can wear them even in the cold season (for instance, in the kindergarten). As an alternative to the winter romper suits, many parents choose warm jackets. It is advisable to choose the models made of water- and dirt-resistant materials.

The head-dresses are the required attribute of the child’s clothes, irrespective of the season. For the winter and autumn, choose the warm caps, similar in color to the decoration of the upper garments. The optimal decision for the warm season is: cap, baseball cap, headscarf, bandanna and a comfortable Panama hat.