Look at your country-house and its backyard. Compare it with your neighbor’s backyards. Perhaps, the whole landscape of many backyards can be described briefly: home, vegetable garden, fence. Meanwhile, the condition of the house can characterize its’ owners: their habits, tidiness, interests, tastes and attitude toward the environment. Roughly speaking, it’s our face. Nobody wants it to look dull, colorless and untidy. You must change the situation for the better! Even if you have a beautiful, well-planned backyard, you can always think out something new and interesting. So, collect your whole creative energy, imagination, enthusiasm, and start to refine your territory according to the rules of landscape design.

The layout of the territory

First of all, the layout must contain the fixed objects which you build for long and don’t mean to move. It can be garage, bath-house, cellar, stationary pond, summer-house and other necessary household buildings. Then allocate the areas for grass-plots, flowerpots, trees and vegetable garden. You should have a comfortable approach to all objects. To begin with, plan the main path: gates- entrance to the house. It must be the straightest and the broadest. The other, secondary paths must be not straight but beautifully twisting, bending round the landscape objects. They must look like natural paths.
If your plot has some surface irregularities, don’t forget to take them into account, creating your landscape design. Some hillocks and knolls will be useful for the creation of flower garden, while the pit will facilitate the building of artificial reservoir. Taking into account the slope of the backyard surface, plan the drainage canal. Think over the lighting of the whole territory and draw up the scheme of electric wiring.

The building of objects and recreation areas in the country-house

After creating the plan of landscape design and marking the territory, you can start to create the planned outbuilding and recreation areas. Every backyard requires the cool cellar, cozy bath-house, compact outdoor shower and spacious open summer-house. You can also build a separate shady corner for the children, where they can spend time interesting and safely.

You can add your backyard individuality, attractiveness and comforting, sticking to the rules of landscape designs. As you see, it’s quite practicable aim for the owners of the garden-plot.