In January this year, the actress was already spotted with the young stranger, who accompanied her at the premiere of the new series “Mosaic”, which took place on January 17 in New York. However, not officially, as the lovebirds were photographed outside the Red Carpet. Meanwhile, the couple was kissing and hugging without embarrassment.

The other day, 60-year-old Sharon was captured again by the ubiquitous paparazzi. She is now resting at the beach of Miami with the same young boyfriend and, judging by the photo, she’s deliriously happy. Very soon, the celebrity will have a birthday, which she apparently decided to celebrate in a pleasant company.

On some images, the attentive journalists also noticed the diamond ring with platinum, surrounded by the small diamonds on the actress’s left hand and assumed that the man had proposed to Stone.

The actress herself prefers not to comment her private life.
We recall that Sharon Stone was married twice — to the screenwriter Michael Greenburg (from 1984 to 1987), editor of the newspaper “San Francisco Chronicle” Phil Bronstein (from 1998 to 2004). Now she is raising three stepsons by herself —17-year-old Rohan, 12- year-old Laird and 11- year-old Quinn.