Funny, but at the same time scary festival of Halloween became popular more recently, but it gives a perfect occasion to create a smart costume and organize a great party!

Thinking over the carnival costumes for Halloween, don’t forget about the children, who also want to take part in this holiday. To take part in this party, people try on the images of different monsters and villains. Scary and frightening costumes don’t spoil the party. On the contrary, they make it brighter and more emotional.

You can sew the unusual Halloween costume for toddler with your own hands. For this purpose, you won’t have to buy any expensive materials. And the process of tailoring will help you to distract from daily routine.

Ghost is a cool Halloween costume

The main material, used for making costume in this style, is the sheet. There are several variants of its use. In the first case, you must cut the holes for eyes and draw a mouth. You can pain the cloth any way you like: the shape of the mouth can be triangle or arched. You can also stain it with paint or the impression of palms.

Another variant of making interesting Halloween costume in the form of ghost is an old sheet with the cut hole for the head. But in this case it is very important to pay attention to the details: red stains, unusual necklace, and lantern. And don’t forget about make-up: to tone your face white, use the powder, light tone cream or aqua face-paint. Use grey, violet or blue eye-shadow to draw the shadows under the eyes.

The costume of doll for Halloween

Another idea of Halloween costume for toddlers is the costume of doll. It is very easy to realize. To begin with, choose the puffy dress of dark shade with lace, petticoat or folds, trousers and ordinary classic shoes. Bleach the face, neck and hands with the face-paint, put the bright lipstick on your lips (draw a small bow). Paint your eyelashes with mascara, put some eye-shadow of natural shades or outline the eyes with black eyeliner. Put some blush on the cheeks. If you want to make the image more “frightening”, you can draw a few scars or cuts on the face and neck with eyeliner.

You can let the hair down, tie it in a tail or make two plaits with bows. As an alternative, you can use the bright wig, made of threads.