Even a small child won’t be drowned in this waterfall, as it has no open water source. However, you’ll be able to enjoy the movement and murmur of water, several cascades and a small stream. You can create it all without an open waterfall. The trick is in the underground pump chamber. It is hidden with the stones and pebbles. The filtration goes through this filling. There is a receiving bowl with the pouring in the upper part of the cascades. It is connected with the pump chamber by means of corrugated hose. The whole construction is installed in the waterproofing area, which excludes the leakage of water from the pondless waterfall. The stream bed and cascades are made of stone.

It is very pleasant to have an open waterfall with crystal clear water on the garden-plot. It creates a nature comfort and gives the additional humidifying and coolness. If you have an opportunity, you can complete it with the stream and cascades. As elsewhere, there is no limit to perfection: you can build a bridge over the stream or pond, install the stationary of floating fountain, and complete the composition with the fog generator or decorative lighting. All the installed equipment can be controlled remotely.

Water is a center of attraction of any garden. Sitting at the water, we experience the most unusual feelings: enjoy the coolness on a hot day, contemplate the ripple in a light breeze, rest and calm down. Perhaps, that’s why the artificial waterfall is one of the most visited places in the garden. It is enough to look at the decorative water feature to determine the character and style of the whole garden. In the regular landscapes, the artificial water reservoirs are symmetrical.

They have a strict geometric shape (square, rectangle, and circle). They are often decorated with the fountains, sculptures and flowerpots. The unnatural symmetry, deliberate artificiality of the waterfall outlines creates the special feeling of solemnity and even some kind of theatricality. At first sight, you can even overlook the artificial pond in the landscape garden, as it hides in an overgrowth and opens to the view of person, walking among the trees and flowers, suddenly, as if by magic. Such decorative pond doesn’t have sharp outlines, especially if its shore is overgrown with the coastal plants. The principle of asymmetry and romantic mood reigns in the surrounding landscape. You can feel the isolation from the world, seclusion and peace.

The decorative water features have their own character. Whatever decorative pond you have, it fills your garden with the sense of peace, comfort and cheerfulness.