The table lamp shades are intended for the installation on any piece of furniture and any kind of surface. Depending on the kind of the lamp shade, it gives scattered or pinhole light. Lamp shade is the part of lighting construction and the decoration of lighting, playing an important role in the home design. There is a broad assortment of these devices: they differ in form, material, construction and purpose. The table lamp shades also have different directions of the light flux; they can transmit light completely or partially, adding certain coloration to the “soft plafond”.

For more powerful electric lamps, it is advisable to buy the table lamp with deep or closed shades. The coating for the table lamp with white or gloss coating absorbs light much less than its analogues with the darker coating. The table lamp shades are made of paper, glass, cloth, metal and china to protect your eyes from bright light.

The table lamp shades can be open or closed. Different kinds of lamp shade caps are intended for each singular room. Their variety is huge. However, they are mostly made of paper and fabric and represent the wire frame of different form: conic, hemispherical, cylindrical, domelike and globe-shaped.

The kinds of table lamp shades

The cloth table lamp shades are made of natural or artificial silk and cotton. The glass-shades are notable for the variety of shapes and ways of glass processing. The most fashionable models are made of opal, transparent or colored glass. They can be decorated with different patterns, plain or painted with colored paints. Depending on the shape, the glass caps can be open or closed.

China, metal and plastic lamp shades are used for the table lamps of special purpose. They must be symmetrical and have standard dimension. The table lamp shades can be decorative and have conic form. They are meant for reading and domestic chores. The light from the lap is directed upwards, creating soft and scattered light. Such table lamp shades add special comfort to the apartment.

A lot of table lamp shades have decorative function, allowing creating the comfortable atmosphere.