Coffered ceilings become more and more popular. The modern architecture uses coffer not as load-carrying construction, but as the element of interior design. You can often notice such elements in historical films, for example: carved wooden beams, some decorations of the castles.
Coffered ceiling consists of cavities, beams and cells. In other words, “coffer” is a polygonal cavity. Such ceilings fall into the category of decorative ceilings. Coffers can have either square or circular shape. They are especially notable for their cross and longitudinal beams with ornament.

There are some more popular ornaments in architecture: stucco sockets, cornice elements, borders, profile wall passages, ceiling painting.
Coffered ceilings can visually increase the area of living-room, bedroom, study, billiard room and library. Such kind of a ceiling decoration is used in offices, if their owners want to emphasize reliable status of the company. Coffered ceiling fit the country-houses and the cottages. Due to the design of the coffered ceiling one can reduce a total weight of construction and improve acoustics.

Coffers are often installed in the accommodations with the high ceilings. They give the impression of a space of considerable dimensions. Coffered ceiling can be found in more than 2 m high rooms. It will not produce its due effects in small accommodations.
The architecture style must be taken into account as well. If you prefer something unusual and modern, choose the coffers of different size and style.