Nowadays, all of us can afford the room, intended only for sleep. That’s why we want this room to be fashionable and modern! How to design the bedroom interior properly? There are some rules and niceties.

What are the latest developments?

The main distinctive feature of the modern bedroom is its special layout. As well as the other rooms, the bedroom is even more often designed in style of practical minimalism. It assumes the revision of storage systems. Formerly, the bedrooms were equipped with standard furniture set (the bed, bedside tables, cupboard, dressing table with the mirror and padded stool). But now, the only required object is bed. The bedside tables are mostly replaced with the small dressers. Besides, the modern bedrooms can be settled with the new, unknown before “inhabitants”.

All inclusive!

Surely, if your bedroom is small, the interior design will come to the one main idea: how to place all the attributes, necessary for sleep and storing clothing. But if the measurements of your room allow it, it would be good to turn into the universal recreation place.

The new bedroom infrastructure

Dressing room

It can be either a room communicating with bedroom, or real partitioned off “corner” with the front door, or a simple nook behind the sliding partition, where you store seasonal clothes.

Cozy nook for reading

If you like to retire with a book, you should organize the cozy nook in your bedroom for this purpose. It is not necessarily to stuff your bedroom with your whole home library. Zone a small shelf for the books; put a few arm-chairs and a floor lamp- and your cozy nook is ready!

TV set

It must not be used too often, as the radiation from the screen is unhealthy. And you have to sleep here all night long!

Sports equipment

You can use the trainers at any convenient time without disturbing your family and attracting attention.

The ecology of your sleep

As the bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time, you must pay special attention to its decoration and materials we use for it.

The most preferable materials:

  • natural parquet
  • paper hangings
  • water-dispersion paints
  • sisal and rattan
  • natural carpets
  • wooden furniture with the upholstery out of natural fabric and genuine leather.