In recent years the decoration of the ceiling with various decorative panels has gained great popularity. The main reason of it is that you don’t need to level, plaster and putty ceiling surface. And these activities take away too much time and money. Decorative panels look quite aesthetically beautiful. They are firm, durable, and elementary in installation. You can install these panels yourself just in a day. The first problem, which must be solved, is not to become confused by the variety of offers, and choose proper materials. The most important question is how to choose proper ceiling panels. What materials they consist of, what size they can have, what constructions they’re intended for. All these aspects are extremely important and make the final choice. You must also pay attention to the color, texture, shape, water-resistance, sound insulation properties and other characteristics.

The wide range at the market of finishing materials throws a common costumer into confusion.

To choose the proper interior for your accommodation, first of all you should determine its’ floor-to-ceiling height and functionality.

Then you have to estimate your financial opportunities and give preferences. Only after that you can proceed to the choice between adhesive materials and suspended constructions.