Every family has its own reasons to buy an umbrella stroller. It can be the going on holiday with 6-8 –month-old baby or the desire to walk with more light and mobile stroller with one-and-a-half-year-old child. Of course, the key factor is the child’s age. Depending on it, every mother must determine what she expects from the new stroller, how she is going to use it, and how long she will carry her child in the light-weight stroller.

What do the most mothers take into account, choosing umbrella stroller?

1. The availability of completely lying position (150-175 grades). It is very important if you’re going to take a long walk and take a stroller with you on the trips. It also matters if you replace your child to the umbrella stroller relatively early (from 6 to 12 months), as at this age it is difficult for the child to sit upright for a long time.

2. The weight of the strollers and its dimensions in the folded position. Of course, everybody that the stroller is as light as possible, as the principle cause of buying an umbrella stroller is to make it easier to carry it. The other important factors are compactness and manoeuvrability. The optimal weight of umbrella strollers is from 6 to 8.5 kg. The lighter weight can have an adverse effect on the steadiness of the stroller. The heavy weight, in its turn, won’t alleviate your burden in comparison with the usual walking stroller.

3. The presence of absence of bumper. In this matter, the mum’s opinions are divided. Everything depends on your child, its character and behavior at the time of walk. It is very comfortable for the baby to hold on to the bumper. You can attach some toys to it.

4. It is very important to try the stroller in operation, that is, to roll it. At that, you should roll it with one hand! It appears that not all strollers pass this test. What if you want to talk over the telephone or take the handkerchief out of the pocket when going and the stroller goes wherever it likes? You must admit that it’s rather uncomfortable.

5. The presence of shopping basket. Of course, everyone wants it to be as big as possible. However, everything has its limit. Taking into account the task of maximum compactness of strollers, not all the shopping basket models match our needs. Besides, it is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible to fold the stroller with the packed shopping basket.

Opting for this or that model, remember that the umbrella stroller is much more subjected to wear than your first walking stroller.