The suspended and ceiling lights play an important role not only in the proper lighting of living accommodation, but also in the aesthetic of its interior.

Usually people take into account only the latter factor, choosing the lights by their appearance. As a result, they get the ceiling lights, which not only light the room poorly, but also spoil its interior.

Buying the ceiling lights, you should take into account, that they affect the visual perception of ceiling height: the suspended lights draw it nearer, while the ceiling lights move it away. The size of a ceiling is also important for the room interior.

Large and massive suspended lights can disturb the eyes, if their size doesn’t match the measurements of a room.

After all, the first thing attracting attention, when you enter the room is a suspended light.

In many cases, it is the main decoration of the room. The idea of beautiful suspended light is almost always associated with one of their main subtypes- the chandelier. Chandelier is a multivalve or multi plafond suspended light with the decorative fittings.
The massive ceiling lights with a lot of refracting and reflecting transparent surfaces require a lot of air, high decorated walls, the ceilings with stucco molding, non-standard and unpolished furniture in retro style. They must hang above the windows and “support” the ceiling.

For the small rooms with the ceiling height up to 2.5 m, it is better to choose suspended and ceiling lights with the light flux directed upwards, smooth semi-transparent plafonds and short suspensions. They scatter light evenly, while the dispersion effect is intensified with the reflectivity of ceiling. The highlighted ceiling seems higher.

The ceiling tires can be used for the lighting of non-residential premises of the house- kitchen, hall and household room. The object of selective lighting in the kitchen can be: dining table, stove, work table, washer and wall-unit.

Of course, you should also take into account the measurements of a room and the size of the tire. For the rooms, it is better to buy the two-valve lamp, and for the big ones- the tire with more lamps, up to the combinations of fluorescent lightings. In some tires, the ceiling lights can be switched on separately or in groups. When all the lightings work together, it is possible to achieve good general lighting of the room accentuating separate elements of interior.