Halloween is celebrated on the 31 of October. Moreover, Halloween 2018 is on Wednesday. In the past decade this holiday has come into fashion. This article is devoted to the ideas of the scariest Halloween costumes 2018.

This modern holiday, celebrated on the 31 of October (when Catholics and Protestant celebrate the eve of All Saints’ Day). This holiday springs from ancient Celt, once having lived in the today’s Great Britain. In the last centuries, this holiday is traditionally celebrated in all English-speaking countries.

Although it is not an official holiday, in the early 90s the vogue of Halloween, and particularly its attributes, spread over the whole Europe and CIS countries.
And now we’ll offer our reader the ideas of the scariest Halloween costumes 2018.

Halloween costumes: vampires

Traditionally, this costume is the most popular for Halloween. There is no Halloween party without any participant dressed up as vampire. This costume gives free rein to your imagination: you can dress up as Dracula- old bald-headed monster from the black-and-white scary movies, or as cool “Blade”. The ladies can choose the image of mysterious vampire princess.

Halloween costumes: zombies

This classic costume requires applying the abundant make-up. You’ll have to repaint the color of your skin and out on dirt- and blood-stained shabby clothes. You can also paint different scars or cuts (you can buy different “widgets” for make-up in any trick store). The main feature (as in films) is the jet of blood, flowing out of the mouth, from the chin to the neck.

Halloween costumes: witches

This is one of the most popular women’s Halloween costumes. It also gives the flight of fancy: you can dress up as scary old woman with a crooked nose and wart on the cheek, or choose the costumes in sexy style- the young witch in short skirt, holding the broom.

Halloween costumes: devil (she-devil, deuce)

It’s a representative of hell with malicious eyes, fangs and horns. It can even have tail and wings. This image will suit both men and women. The ladies have wider choice: they can experiment, beginning at scary she-devil, and ending with sexual imp in imp and short skirt.

Halloween costumes: fantastic heroes

This category includes films’ characters. For example, “Alien”- some aliens with tentacles, suckers and all kinds of things, Godzilla, scary spider or cockroach- don’t limit your fantasy.