Halloween is one of the wonderful holidays, when the adults can feel like children again. According to one version, the name of this holiday is the abridged version of English phrase аll-hallows-even (“The evening of All Saints”). A few thousand years ago Halloween represented the usual New Year party. The Celts (people who lived in today’s Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland) celebrated it in the last night of October.

The celebration of Halloween is impossible without costume ball. Besides, the Halloween fancy dress became widespread only in the end of nineteenth century, when the children in masks and costumes of different monsters, started to go from house to house, to get the portion of sweets: candies, fruits and pastries. They also often got money as a reward for the interesting costumes, whose theme was always related to the next world and mystic characters.

From year to year, the most popular Halloween images remain: vampires, living corpses, death and devil. But every nation adds its own mystic, folklore and novel characters to the list of evil spirits.

In this night, the world of fairy-tales, legends and traditions comes to life. The film industry, artists treating the fantastic and the authors of comics periodically complete this list with the “scary heroes”.

The most popular Halloween costumes

A lot of men prefer to dress as vampires in this night. Vampire is a devilishly beautiful immortal creature, drinking blood of innocent girls. It is always scary and sexual. The costume of Dracula, prince of devils, remains traditionally popular among the stronger sex.

Other popular costumes for All Saints’ Day are: zombie, hangman, werewolf, scarecrow, alien, devil, mummy, ghost, skeleton, Van Helsing, Frankenstein and Hatter.
A lot of people wish to try on the mask of maniac from the popular scary movie “Scream”.

Such superheroes as: Spiderman, Superman, Dark Knight and other characters of the comics and American blockbusters recently became widespread.

The most popular girl’s Halloween costumes are: witch, mermaid, vampire, she-robber, she-devil, fallen angel and nurse. The most daring girls try on the mask of the Death itself. The queen of spades, kikimora, Baba-Yaga, Alice from Wonderland, wicked fairies and queens, bats, Cat woman, Japanese kitsune (fox) and other characters of anime- you can meet anybody at the celebration of Halloween!