The scriptwriters of the Marvel studio film ‘ “Avengers 3: Infinity War” Christopher Markus and Stephen explained the failure of the competing DC films universe and shared professional advice on how to improve the situation. The Wrap has published an interview with them.

According to Marcus, the leadership of Warner Bros. is too much focused on trying to create a whole world instead of some good films. “I would put aside such characters as Batman, Superman and the already shown superheroes, among which only Wonder woman did well. Instead, I would dive into their rich library of characters, pick a couple of three others, and say to myself, “Let’s just make one good film, not a film universe, and see what happens. They mixed too much stuff in one pot,” he said.

As an example, they cited the creative path of Marvel Studio, which was deprived of the opportunity to exploit their most popular characters, like spider-Man and X-Men, and turned to secondary ones, like Iron man, making a beautiful solo film, which gave the start to the entire film universe.

Let’s recall that the film “Avengers 3: Infinity War” has grossed more than two billion dollars. Another DC film “Justice League” has failed at the box office.