Despite the babies feel much more comfortable in trousers, the little beauties always look better in tender smart dresses. The girls of 4 years and upwards mold their personal views on beauty and fashion. And many of them imitate the heroines of fairy-tales and cartoons. If it comes to the baby girls under three, they don’t care what their parents dress them in.

It’s rather difficult to buy the dress for the newborn girl, as at this tender age babies need coziness, practicality and comfort. The poor-quality seams, clasps, zippers, ruches and other decorations can rub the sensitive skin and cause irritations. And the improperly chosen size will cause discomfort, spoiling the girl’s beautiful image. There are different variations of baby girls’ dresses- smart, casual, light (the models of light materials) and warm models. These categories can have subcategories, for example- the dresses for the smallest girls with of medium length or short, the short- or long-sleeved dresses. In general, you should choose and buy your baby the suitable dresses for all occasions.

The newborn girls wear dresses very rarely, only on special occasions (such as christening). There are special christening clothes and smart dresses for this purpose. The parents choose themselves, what they want to dress their baby in on this special day or any other holiday (mostly, after the girl’s at least 8-9-months old).

Every mum wants her baby girl to look like a little princess. The main thing is that she must look individual and be the most beautiful on any holiday. To choose the best baby girl’s dress, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Proper tailoring. The dress must be loose, don’t hinder the girl’s movements, and the seams must be smooth and free of defects;
  • As for the fabric, the natural cloth is the best for the newborns;
  • Comfort. The dress must be comfortable and cozy. It shouldn’t be tight or rub the skin. Avoid the decorations, which can cause irritations or harm the baby;

The assortment of dresses for the newborns is daily replenished with the fashionable novelties from the most famous designers. Smart dresses, elegant clothes for christening, holidays and other arrangements, made of light natural fabrics will make your baby girl beautiful, nice and original.
Spend a lot of free time to choose the original and stylish dress for your baby girl!