In fact, there is a whole class of universal and perfectly working programs, different from each other only by the list of best data recovery tools for Windows  – whether you need to restore the worn correspondence on ASI or polished hard drive by power cable. In this race all the participants ran to the finish line – you should be sure that each of the best professional data recovery software will cope with what is stated. We do not provide links and prices, because Google will help you to find both these very popular programs and medicines for them.

Search and Recover.

Let’s start with a standard list of features that are common to the best data recovery software of this class: support for most file systems; search for lost files on any device equipped with a constant

memory; work on portable media (you can run a program from CD-DVD and analyze the damaged hard drive); recovering of files after emptying the Recycled bin, from a formatted disk, after the re-installation of Windows and instant recovery of email messages in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and QUALCOMM Eudora, restoration of contacts, calendars, tasks etc in MS.
Search and Recover allows you to work in two modes: “wizard” and “user”. I would like to note that “wizard” is the program settings for “artificial intelligence”, where, it should do everything for you. In the “wizard” mode all the most necessary tools are easily accessible.

The “User” mode has a number of differences. You specify the types of files and their location and specify disk drives.

It is worth noting the program’s user interface: different files are highlighted in different colors (that is, all text files, for example, can be recognized by a given color). It is also possible to view all the files in a good, satisfactory or bad condition.

As a bonus, we will note the function of complete erasing of files (by multiple overwriting) and a high, even very, speed.


Due to EasyRecovery Professional, you can recover more than 300 different file types to disk, including MIDI music files, audio files, movies, and more that a modern user might encounter. In fact, EasyRecovery consists of the DataRecovery module, the FileRecovery module, the disk diagnostics module, and the user trying to figure it out.

The diagnosing part of the best data recovery software for pc provides: testing of disks and their partitions; detailed information about the use of disk space; information about the positions of dip-switches (via the Internet); creation of a diagnostic diskette that loads the version of Caldera.


Scanning a disk, especially a large capacity, unlike the previous participant of our race, requires a lot of time. It is not surprising that it is possible to stop this process and remember its state in order to resume scanning later. Testing can be of different depth and take different time, but a brief test provides, according to the company, the reliability of the diagnosis in 90%. The program provides reading from the disk controller of corresponding SMART technology parameters (thresholds) and warning about possible problems with it (only for modern disks).

Data recovery is possible at different levels, up to the serious damage to the file system. Summing up, we can conclude that the best free data recovery software with such a rich functionality can be useful to those users who can not recover the lost information by other, faster means.

7 Data Recovery Software.

Restoration of compressed (under NTFS) and encrypted (under NTFS5) files, support for long names, restoration of partitions with subsections.

The authors of the program say that they have a unique technology to restore deleted partitions on FAT32 in Windows 2000 / XP, along with their content. Another difference between the program and other similar utilities is that it is not always possible to restore files completely in Windows 2000/XP and FAT32. Therefore, 7 Data Recovery Software under consideration recovers files in several versions, the most appropriate for their content, so that the user can further determine which of them is more appropriate, and use other means to choose the necessary information from them, if the file is not fully recovered. (But archive files did not want to be restored. The program did not show them in the number of files in remote partitions.)
The specific features of the NTFS file system do not allow individual files to determine the partition in which they were previously located. These files are placed in a shared folder named Lost files.

A feature of the program is the ability to save and then work with the image of the disk. The authors suggest creating such an image before you start restoring files (especially if the number of files being restored is large), to prevent destruction of the disk content because of incorrect actions of the user. We recommend creating a disk image (file) on other logical drives or network drives. Once it is created, the image can be connected to the program in the simplest way, and it can be run as a real logical disk.
The program is quite useful in the case of recovering files from broken disks. Having found an unreadable cluster, it will not try to pull information out of it, but will write zeros instead and move on to the next cluster.

Memory Stick Data Rescue Service

This is not quite the usual software. It allows you to recover photos and data files that were recorded to the Memory Stick and subsequently lost or deleted. The File Rescue software is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded from the Sony customer support site. Before you begin downloading software to restore files, the program will require to register the model name of the memory stick and its serial number. Simple and convenient MSFR is capable of recovering jpg (DCF), MPEG1 and mp4 (MS Video file format) files and is also capable of recovering if most office files, including PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. After the Memory Stick is plugged in, MSFR tells the User how to perform seven simple steps, during which the files are scanned, restored and re-written.

Memory Stick file Rescue is compatible with all types of Sony Memory Stick cards sold since 1998. The success of file recovery depends on the state of the data and on the fact whether any data have been recorded “on top” of the file being recovered.

Dead Disk Doctor.

The program features an original algorithm for finding and correcting errors on partially unreadable media. It minimizes the loss of “live” data in attempts to recover information in “dead” areas in block reading. The file is read in blocks of 10 KB, and when a device (CD-ROM, for example) issues an error, the block size is reduced by 10 times, the attempt is repeated, and so on until the data block is read without errors. If the block size reaches a minimum, the program skips one byte and starts reading from the following. After successful reading the block size increases by 10 times, etc., until it reaches a maximum — 10 kb.

Thanks to such a non-standard best data recovery software, in many cases it is possible to recover even the information that did not succumb to other anti-counters.


It is quite a powerful and interesting means of information recovery, worthy to participate in our race. Regardless of what happened to the information, whether it was deleted, whether the hard drive was physically damaged or a running program was failed, or even in case of HDD low-level formatting, GetDataBack is likely to be able to return all the information recorded to the disk. GetDataBack allows data recovery on both the computer on which the program is installed and the remote computer, for example, on any of the computers on the local network. Another good feature is fast work.