Every owner of the country-house plot wants to create his/her own original garden with non-standard and creative design. What do you have to know performing landscape architecture, what skills do you have to master and what must you take into account?

The styles of landscaping

The regular style is suitable, if the garden-plot is meant for the guest reception. Then your main purpose is to amaze them with luxury and elegance of your garden. The main features of this style are:

  1. Clear-cut compositional line.
  2. Geometric forms of the environment.
  3. Smooth relief and location of the composition in plane.

The symmetry laws dominate at the planning.

The characteristic feature of landscape style is the unevenness of relief: elevations, slopes and their alternation with flat areas. The architectural forms act as the landscape complement, and the twisting paths unite the separated plot compositions. Realizing this style of the garden architecture with your own hands, you can use wear-resistant natural materials, retaining its qualities for many years. The landscape style has the following features:

  1. The prevailing meaning of the green plantation compositions. They play the leading role in this design.
  2. The most of garden plants are located near the house, while the wildflowers are preferable in the garden.
  3. Artificial and natural reservoirs are made in distinctly natural form and decorated with natural materials.

Reservoirs and Alpine slide

The artificial and natural reservoirs are the real decoration of every garden. Due to the variety of forms for modern artificial reservoirs, it’s not difficult to choose the special container, matching your landscape composition.

Such reservoirs can be made of plastic or glass fiber. You can build this reservoir with your own hands. For this purpose, you must scape a hole of suitable configuration with small clearances in width and depth. The plane of the bottom must be horizontal, or else the water can overflow at the time of filling. The edges of reservoir can be decorated with turf or stone.

If all the laws of landscape architecture are observed, the landscape design, made with your own hands, will be harmonious, natural and give you comfort and coziness for many long years.