The natural rock in landscaping is traditionally used for the creation of rock gardens, Japanese gardens and grottos. The rock compositions will give your garden an original look and decorate its territory. It’s easy to make the rock garden with your own hands. All you need to do is to see the photos of landscaping rocks, arranged in peculiar groups, and use the advice of experts.

The use of natural rocks in landscape design

The stone in the garden design is the universal natural material, matching any style and decoration of the garden. It isn’t less attractive than the water. Perhaps that’s why stone is often used instead of water when creating dry streams and waterfalls. The stone won’t be out of place even in the vegetable garden. The secret of stone aesthetics is the fact that it is a mineral “component” of nature, distinct from flora. And the variety is always beautiful. It will blend with any variant of garden decoration. Mostly, the natural stone in landscaping is a complement, accent and construction material for separate corners. But you can also devote the whole garden to the stone. Different kinds of natural stone suit for the garden design, including: sandstone, rubble, granite, boulders, marine and river rubble, tufa, lava, different kinds of gravel and road metal. You can find many kinds of stone (especially pebble and gravel of different color and size) on sale. However, you can also find the rocks in nature. Unfortunately, the biggest and the most beautiful boulders can’t be moved without the use of heavy machinery. But you don’t need a lot of them. You can also combine the natural rocks with sea shells, as they represent the “living” minerals.

The stone compositions in landscaping

The stone compositions are an interesting option of design. As a rule, people use especially large stone for this purpose, such as big boulders or huge sandstone plates. It is possible to create the compositions out of big boulders and arrange the “mysterious” objects like Stonehendge or “stone ruins”.
Pay attention to the photos of stone compositions: such design implies the introduction of stone construction, as its helps to keep up the composition and balance it. The retaining walls, garden partitions, fence fragments, poles and small stone buildings can be used for this purpose. You can also use this material to make the garden fireplace and garden furniture.