Small, deaf and windowless — professionals know how to organize a cozy bedroom even in such room. Bedroom without window.

Is it possible to make a bedroom without a window? This question is asked by the owners of small apartments in the new buildings, where the planning of developers give almost no room for maneuver. No need to despair and sleep on the pullout couch in the living room. We can see the solutions of this problem in the projects of Russian architects and designers. What to do if the room has no window, and you need to allocate a separate place to sleep?

1. Bedroom without windows … but with a secret door

This was a studio apartment with two windows, whose size (64 sq.m) allowed to use space more functionally. Customers asked the designer to plan a separate bedroom without a radical replanning.

Task and solution: There were two ways to place a bedroom in this project: move the sleeping part to the kitchen or leave everything in its place but zone a large living room. The designer opted for the second option and chose a windowless bedroom design, because the owners wanted to have a full-fledged and separate kitchen. Besides, this option did not require redevelopment and doesn’t raise issues (from a legal standpoint).

The plan of apartment

At first, the designer wanted to build an all-glass partition between bedroom and living room. But then she chose a smaller option imitating a French window with glazing.

The living room was planned so that its door don’t lead the to the bathroom. There are also no doors on the two main walls of the living room — in front of and behind the sofa. The space turned out quite ceremonial with an expressed central axis, emphasized symmetrical arrangement of the interior items. The bedroom door is built into the wall composition together with opening into the entrance hall, partition and racks.

The owners have purchased the main part of the furniture on their own: it looked like it all belonged to a single collection. The designer added several semantic accents. Thus, lacquer panel became a protagonist of the living room, while the painting and curtains in a headboard decorated the bedroom.

Behind the headboard, the wall was decorated with textiles, which were folded to create the effect of the window. So, the view from the living room does not rest against the wall, which gives you the illusion of space extension.

What did we spend money on: We spend most of the money on the custom joinery, as this project would not have been possible without them.

2. Bedroom without window … with sliding doors

The owner has described suggestions to the interior very concisely: “Neoclassic and light tones”. We refused from traditional and neoclassical materials (marble and gypsum) because of the budget. They were replaced by more affordable options: ceramic granite with a stone pattern and moldings from polyurethane.

The layout of apartment

The rented apartment was made of concrete, without internal partitions. Therefore, the layout was made to meet the customers’ requirements. The hallway, kitchen and living room are situated in a single space — they are zoned by the floor covering. The bedroom is separated by glazed sliding doors. All wardrobes in the apartment are lined up, but one part of them faces the hall area, and the other— the bedroom.

Task and solution: Sliding doors that open into a pencil case lead to the bedroom. To provide the windowless bedroom with light, the designer used fabrics with a large area of glazing.

“I know by my own experience that sliding doors always cause problems. For example, inexperienced builders often make a box too narrow. Then it is necessary to cut the panel off the beautiful canvas so that the doors fit into the pencil case. Therefore, I always order additional measurements, when the pencil case is ready. And only after that, we start to manufacture the canvas. Even if something went wrong on the object, it isn’t difficult to correct the mistake at this stage”, — tells Lydia.

For privacy, we have foreseen the curtains from the side of the bedroom. Now, the owner lives with a girl, and this technique has become relevant, as their timetables can be different. The wall over the bed (which is slightly darker than the main surfaces in the apartment) is decorated with the mirrors and abstract painting in the headboard.

3. Deaf bedroom without windows … with a curtain instead of a door

Task and solution: The customer asked to make a separate kitchen, living room and bedroom. It was not an easy task, as there are only two windows in this studio apartment. You could allocate a separate bedroom with a window, to give the second window to a joint kitchen-living. So, kitchen-living turned out deep, passing and insufficiently illuminated. Otherwise, we can give all the light to the public spaces — kitchen and living room, — and fence off the bedroom using the glass partitions with curtains.

Second solution was much more expensive. In this option, the wardrobe and inside passages would fit inside the bedroom, which increased its area and reduced the living room. After studying the options of planning, we decided to give windows to the kitchen and living room, and fenced off the bedroom in a separate box.

The plan of apartment

This apartment was rented with a free layout and a rough finish. The authors of the project didn’t fence off the kitchen from the living room with a partition and a door, but the shape of apartment created a certain division. As a result, we got a complicated flowing space. Moreover, we managed to accommodate a bedroom with a wardrobe between the entrance hall and living room.

What did we purchase: When making the project, we didn’t save on quality finishing materials and furniture. We used resistant paints, natural veneer in the furniture and a high-quality bathroom equipment. We managed to reduce the budget by using the Russian-made porcelain stoneware and 3D panels.

The bedroom is fenced off by a thick curtain, which is an aesthetic and budget solution. The problem of ventilation in the windowless bedroom was solved in a witty and simple way: the walls of the box don’t reach the ceiling, providing the air inflow and outflow, necessary in such a small space. The wardrobe is built into the wall in front of the bed. Therefore, the facades of the wardrobes have no handles not to cling to them when passing by.

The marble in the hall flows into the bathroom, and then into the kitchen. This solution creates a coherent image of all parts of the interior. The space carries motives of the Ural nature in autumn: the details remind of the rocks, wood and flocks of flying birds (in the kitchen). All this is imprinted in the elements and finishing materials of interior.

4. Bedroom without windows … but with a glass partition

“The customer mentioned all his wishes in the technical specification. Therefore, there were no difficulties and adjustments, — tells Pavel Alekseev. — In addition to the dark shades, the young man wanted to have a separate living room, kitchen, sleeping area, dressing room and bathroom with the shower. The apartment has two loggias, one of which we turned into the lounge area».

The plan of apartment

The plan shows how we increased the walls were to allocate space for the bedroom, dressing room, bathroom and kitchen The sleeping part was separated from the living room by a glass partition with a thick curtain.

Designers advise not to close the large panoramic windows with curtains. In this way, natural light natural light enters unhindered into the apartment, and the space seems “airy”. Paired with the white flooring (which visually expands the room) the room seems bigger than it really is.


If you have created a bedroom interior without a window, share your experience and solutions in the comments!