The natural beauty of the sea aquarium is very tempted by many aquarists. But what includes the proper maintenance and care of the aquarium? There are different types of sea aquariums, some are easier to maintain, while others require more effort. Before you decide to start a saltwater aquarium find out the main differences between these aquariums and why certain sea aquariums are more difficult in the care than others.

Fish-Only Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater aquariums are divided into 3 main types: fish, fish with live rock and reef aquariums. Among this three most common – fish.
Fish aquarium, as its name indicates, is designed for care and presentation of sea fish. As the fish is in the spotlight, such aquariums are small decorated, often with parts of the skeleton of corals or artificial corals. Like any other aquarium the highlights are the maintenance of water parameters and good filtration. Presence of a beautiful and hardy fish, such as fish-girl, yellow zebrasoma, favor the successful operation of the aquarium. Fish aquarium – is the easiest option for amateur aquarists, who became interested in sea aquariums. This aquarium will allow amateur to meet and master certain skills of aquarium.

FOWLR (Fish-Only-With-Live-Rock)

Sea fish aquarium with live rock – an intermediate stage between fish and reef aquarium. Although fish is a major element of the aquarium, but are introduced the basic elements of reef aquarium (living stone). Live rock – fragments of old coral reefs inhabited by natural means with all the variety of sea life including invertebrates, sponges and millions of nitrifying bacteria. This stone provides additional filtering and helps to maintain stable water parameters. The most important point in this type of aquarium – is acclimatization of living stones, additional lighting and additives for the desired growth of algae and the ban on many medications that harm essential to living organisms that are found in the living rock.

Coral Reef Aquarium

The most difficult in the care and the most expensive – reef aquarium, mostly populated by corals and other invertebrates with a small amount of fish or without it. Corals and invertebrates – are stars of reef aquarium. Since the sea creatures are very sensitive to water conditions, they need to constantly be checked. Also, many corals are highly dependent on the quality of light, so only require the best lighting. Residents of reef aquarium require special attention, so it is important to consider the issues on the topic of lighting and flow additives and other requirements.