It is well known that the harmonious combination of thing around us affect our thoughts, world outlook and state of mind. And the creation of comfort starts with the design of the house. The questions arise: how to make it right?

The main rule we want to mention- irrespective of the measurements of a house, its interior must combine aesthetics and functionality.

In other words, the house must be outwardly attractive and practical at a time. Besides, the interior should be effective and original.

If you decided to make the interior design unaided, you must observe some simple and practical principles. The home décor should be single and harmonious. We offer you a few tips:

  • If you decided to make over the interior, take into account the layout of your house. The home interior is as the human appearance. With the help of properly chosen details you can conceal the disadvantage and emphasize the advantages.
  • For the low-ceilinged rooms, it is impossible to use large chandeliers and dark color for the wall painting.
  • First of all, the interior design should correspond to the house owner’s lifestyle, family status and other factors.
  • The design must be performed taking into account the wishes of all the family members.
  • Making interior design, pay attention to the room functions. According to them, choose the finishing materials. For example, when it comes to the kitchen wallpaper, choose the waterproof materials.

The advice of professional designers

  • If you approach a question of new interior design unskilled, the improvement of home or office interior can led to unfortunate results. Instead of original interior, you can get tastelessly decorated room, where the objects don’t match at all.
  • The decoration of small and large rooms must be performed in accordance with some simple rules. It also concerns the interior design. Sticking to these rules, you can get the elegant and fashionable apartment, which will be attractive and functional at a time.
  • The decoration of compact little flats must not include small details and many trims.
  • As for the small apartments, you should avoid placing furniture in the center of the room, as it will take a lot of space.